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Project Description
This project was inspired by Marc D Anderson while attending Office365 Saturday event in Redmond, WA on February 25, 2012. While giving his presentation he mentioned that he created a column to show tasks for a workflow via a jQuery dialog. Although I liked his idea, I hated that his solution was tailored for one client only, and could not be applied to any out of the box SPList. This is how this project came to be and i hope you can find it useful.

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  • This column needs to be deployed as a farm solution ( no sandbox support )
  • This column will not be active on existing list items
  • This column requires jQuery ( >=1.7.1) , jQuery UI ( >=1.8.18 ) and jQuery UI Theme CSS


  • Displays Workflow History and Tasks with one click!
  • Can be used for multiple workflows simultaneously on the same SPListItem!
  • No custom code, just add column to you list and you are done! 


  • jQuery rendering can/should be turned off if you already render jQuery, jQuery UI and Css via master page, content editor webpart etc.
  • By default, if you add WFStatus column to an existing list, only newly created items will show workflow status. This is due to the way SharePoint works and doesn’t pick up "default value" of a column on existing SPListItems.
  • Actual Workflow column is not required for status column to function and can be removed from the view.
  • At least one workflow needs to be added to a list for this column to work.



Task View

History View

Warning icon will be shown when column is added to a list with existing items.

Multiple status fields can be added to show status of each workflow.

When adding a column to a list, select which workflow to show "Status" for.  

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